Bridge Inspection

High quality Visual Inspections of Bridges at any size


While working with close up images it can be close to impossible to know the exact location and size of damages found.

Automated Issue Detection

Save time by using our automated damage detection.

Data Management

Store and structure your data in Inspection Cloud's data warehouse.


Know the exact size and location of damages. Get real-time synchronization between 2d and 3d with our data viewer.

Create precise measurements in either the image or the 3D model. Measurements are visible across all data.

Filter images by damages or measurements to see it from other views and for better assessment of the damage class and severity.

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Automated Issue Detection

Reviewing thousands of images manually is a time consuming, cumbersome task.
Use EasyInspect AI to detect damages in your images, and automatically group them into a single true observation.
Without EasyInspect AI and grouping, each detection would end up as a new damage when found in multiple images, and not as a single damage seen from multiple views.

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Data Warehouse

Data is normalized and enriched with processes like 3D modeling and Computer Vision and provides a solid foundation for data fusion.

Your data is secure and owned by you no matter if it's stored it in the cloud or in your own datacenter.

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