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EXIF & Geolocation

When images contain GPS positions, we mark the location on the map which helps you in understanding the context. Additional MetaData like camera rotation and distortion profiles is extracted to improve the 3D modeling and suggestion system. Information about weather and sun position are calculated to strengthen the artificial intelligence in finding issues automatically.

Bridge inspection on globe


We call damages, dirt or similar an issue due to the neutral wording. An issue seen in multiple images is not a new issue per view but needs to be grouped to get the real count and awareness of the asset. With the help of 3D modeling and suggestions, the Inspection Tool can help you find and link all representations of the issue into a multi-view from just a single observation. With the multi-view of the issue, you have better coverage and confidence to describe the type and severity.

Custom Templates

The additional report builder module will allow you to tailor your own templates, structuring your reports exactly as you want them. Utilizing the report builder will also allow you to integrate your metadata and databases directly into your reports.

Online Reports

While PDF is perfect for physical sharing or sharing by email, the online reports allow interactive tools, giving the recipient the possibility to navigate through the report’s images and even utilize zooming and fullscreen view.

PDF Reports

If you prefer printing or e-mailing your report, PDF reports are available. You can create professional PDF reports with the information of your choosing. With the Report Builder, you also have the option to spice up your report with a front page, change between layouts and add headers and footers.

Advanced Reporting

Often reports are made to show the state of an asset from a single inspection, but with the use of MetaData and Databases, you can create reports to return a report across all assets in a site, for a specific model, operator, inspector or similar. In short, all data available in your company is accessible to the reports.


With 3D modeling you enable measurements in your inspection data. Measurements can be made in 2D images but with distances calculated from the 3D data behind the scenes. This enables you to work in high definition images to get the best from both worlds.

3D Viewer

Our 3D viewer synchronizes measurements between 2D and 3D space for easy visualization of issues. The 3D modeling will export data into a Point Cloud, Orthomap, Elevation model and full 3D mesh, which can be used for post-processing in different systems of your choosing.


The metadata system is used to add extra information about an inspection, an image or issue. Opposite to Databases you use Metadata as the dynamic data layer which changes from inspection to inspection. Metadata is, therefore, the perfect place to add information about which inspector who carried out the inspection, which drone was used, who's report responsible, etc. Metadata is also used to link to Databases where assets, drones, and customers already may exist. Metadata fields are dynamic and managed by you with the easy to use Metadata admin. Metadata is defined per inspection type as you often want different information depending on the type.

Database Relations

Linking databases reduces the time needed to maintain master information as you only need to update it once. Updates can be done through the browser or by API from existing systemsAn example can be to create a Wind Turbine Database which is linked to a Wind Farm Database. With this structure, you only need to reference the wind turbine as part of the inspection to retrieve all information about the Wind Turbine, The Wind Farm, and other related data.

Drag & Drop Database Designer

Keep your data structured and accessible with the integrated database system.
Design your databases with the easy Drag & Drop interface to customize the columns for your needs.


All activity is conducted within a company. Any user can create a new company to get started, and a user can be invited to an unlimited number of companies. We have built a comprehensive user management system, giving you full control of permissions within your company.

Permissions & Roles

Users within your company can be assigned specific permissions, be given roles containing sets of permissions, or be added to groups, inheriting the permissions from the groups In other words, company owners are in full control of everything going on within their company. All data is kept separate from company to company, meaning that your data is safe and only shown to people in your company, with the correct permissions.

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